Beethoven, L. Sonata No. 3 in E flat Major, Op. 12 No. 3 (ed. by D. Oistrakh - L. Oborin)

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This edition is based on the celebrated musicians' concert performances of all ten Beethoven's sonatas, as well as on numerous audio recordings. Guided by the Urtext, David Oistrakh and Lev Oborin offered their own interpretation of these chamber music masterpieces.
All the fingering marks, both in the piano score and in the attached violin part, are by the editors. Oisrtakh's bowing marks in the violin part are quoted in dotted slurs. The remaining editors' marks are given in parentheses; the alternative readings are presented in the footnotes.
Oistrakh and Oborin's edition of Beethoven's violin sonatas was first published by "Muzyka" in 1969.

For students of musical colleges and conservatories, as well as for professional performers.
Catalogue Number : 100008737
ISBN: 5-7140-0677-1