About Us

The Muzyka — P. Jurgenson Publishing House is comprised of two independent music publishers that have become global brands. They share common origins dating back to the 1860s.

The Muzyka Publishing House is the successor and continuer of traditions established by the P. Jurgenson firm of music publishers founded in Moscow in 1861. By the end of the 19th century the founder Peter Jurgenson (1836-1903) had created a publishing house comparable with the world’s largest music firms recognized for the high quality and variety of their products.

Muzyka was set up in 1918 on the basis of the nationalized firm of P. Jurgenson and continued the great traditions of its pre-revolutionary predecessor. For more than 100 years this Publishing House has been the main producer of sheet music and music book literature, first in the Soviet Union and later, after perestroika, in today’s Russia. Outstanding composers such as Nikolai Myaskovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich and Aram Khachaturian participated in the work of the Publishing House. It published pieces by classical composers, edited by the leading figures of Russian pedagogy and performance, including Alexander Goldenweiser, Heinrich Neuhaus, David Oistrakh, Daniil Shafran and other famous musicians.

“I have been connected with the Muzyka Publishing House for as long as I remember, from the moment I was taught to play the piano as a child to the present day, ”recalls one of the leading composers of our time, Rodion Shchedrin. “Originating from its pre-revolutionary forerunner Jurgenson, whose history and achievements impress and inspire us today, Muzyka has endured difficult times and survived. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, it is one of the most authoritative Publishing Houses in the world.”

Among the publisher’s unique projects issued in recent times is the world’s first ‘Complete Works of Alexander Scriabin’ in 12 volumes; anthologies of Russian music for piano, violin and cello; and the ‘Thematic and Bibliographic Index of P.I. Tchaikovsky’.

The present-day Muzyka offers not only tradition, but also innovation, with the development of interactive textbooks and formation of E-MUSICA, the first mobile app for classical music in Russia.

With the advent of the new P. Jurgenson Publishing House in 2004 the famous brand was revived. Today P. Jurgenson continues its activities in accordance with the precepts and principles of Peter Jurgenson, founder of the eponymous pre-revolutionary publishing house, broadly representing the work of Russian composers, both past and present. It has published all the main instrumental works of Tchaikovsky, all the main works of Rachmaninoff, little-known works by other Russian composers, and opuses by contemporary authors. As well as the original works, the P. Jurgenson Catalog features diverse transcriptions and arrangements as well as annotated sheet music editions in the urtext & facsimile format, based on documentary sources, unique books and albums.

In addition to the publishing sector P. Jurgenson operates as a major bookselling company, representing the products of the famous international publishers Schott, C.F. Peters, Bärenreiter, Belaieff, Ricordi, Hal Leonard and Editio Musica Budapest in Russia.

United under the roof of one Publishing House, Muzyka and P. Jurgenson complement each other with wide-ranging sheet music publications and books about music. The high professional standard of these products adequately represents the best examples of national and global musical culture of the past and present.