Scriabin, A. Collected Works, Vol. 2: Symphony No. 2 in C minor, Op.29

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The edition presents the first scientifically verified publication of all compositions by the great Russian composer Alexander Scriabin, based on archival materials, manuscripts, documents, and publications of different years. Every volume contains detailed commentaries, bar-by-bar textual notes (in Russian and English), and the list of sources and publications' references (edited by Valentina Rubtsova). The new publication allows recreate the process of Skriabin's artistic work, thus being of great importance both for performers and music scholars.
The 2d volume contains the Symphony No. 2 in C minor. The score is verified by the comparison of Scriabin's sketches (1901), the authorised copy, the lifetime editions of the full score, parts, and the four-hand transcription by Mitrophan Belyaev (1902). The history of the composition's creation is reconstructed in detail.
Catalogue Number : 17094
ISBN: 979-0-706392-31-8