Russian piano music: In 14 volumes. Vol. 1: Works by composers of the 18-19th centuries

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The anthology "Russian Piano Music" in 14 volumes represents the retrospective of the Russian composers' piano oeuvre. The first volume contains the works by the 18-19 centuries composers such as D. Bortnyansky, V. Karaulov, J. Palschau, I. Khandoshkin, J.W. Hassler, D. Saltykov, Lev and Alexander Gurilevs, J. Field, A. Alyabiev, M. Wielhorski, A. Griboedov, I. Genishta, I. Laskovsky, A. Verstovsky, V. Odoevsky, A. Dubuque, A. Dargomyzhsky, A. Henselt, etc. The most part of these works has not been reissued for a long time. This publication makes possible to trace
Catalogue Number : 17298
ISMN: 979-0-66006-498-6