Correspondence. P.I. Tchaikovsky. P.I. Jurgenson. In 2 Vol. Vol. 1 (1866-1885) (in russian) /comp.

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The published correspondence is a dialogue between two bright, outstanding personalities, composer and publisher. It is the story of the creation, publication and performance of much of Tchaikovsky's creative legacy. The correspondence captures both the various vicissitudes of the correspondents' private lives and the events of public and musical life, not only in Russia but also abroad.
The first volume contains 577 letters, the second volume 650 letters; most of Jurgenson's correspondence is published in full for the first time.
For professional musicians and a wide range of readers.
Sold only as a set of two volumes.
Catalogue Number : 101071
ISBN: 978-5-9720-0107-1