Hakobyan L.O Music of the XX century. Encyclopaedic dictionary

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The book has no precedents in Russian musicological literature. On the one hand, it is a compendium of information about 20th century music, built on the alphabetical principle usual for encyclopaedias and including articles on composers and performers, on prominent musicologists and musicians, on musical works created between 1901 and 2000, on genres, forms and styles of 20th century music, on musical organisations and institutions. On the other hand, the author does not limit himself to dry presentation of information and, without sacrificing academic thoroughness, endeavours to make the narrative fascinating and understandable for a wide range of readers. Some articles are accompanied by sheet music examples; a number of articles are accompanied by lists of references, and most articles on composers also include lists of their works. The main text is supplemented by a chronological table.
For musicians and music lovers.
Catalogue Number : 30013
ISBN: 978-5-89816-092-0