Choral Pieces by Russian Composer. Iss. 1. Homogeneous Choirs A Cappella (published in Russian)

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The edition includes female and male choirs a cappella by Russian composers. For concert and teaching practice.
The four editions of "Choral Works by Russian Composers" contain choruses written from the second half of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, most of them unjustly forgotten. Their authors - composers A. Arrhensky, Ц. Kьь, S. Тaneneyev, П. ЧChaikovsky; outstanding teachers and choirmasters of the time M. Aniev, V. Zolotatyarov, N. Ladukhin; poets A. Pushkin, A. Fet, F. Tyutchev and many others. The collections are grouped according to the composition of the singers: the first two are a cappella (single and mixed), the third and fourth are choirs with accompaniment by the piano.
In 1859 in the Russian Musical Society, and in 1878 - in the Russian Musical Society, where in 1878 - in the Russian Musical Society, where in 1878 - in the Russian Musical Society - it was prescribed and the mandate to spread the genre of Soviet music. New ensembles emerged, and many young authors devoted themselves to choral works. The breadth of this genre was greatly facilitated by the development of printing, the possibility of printing choruses and choral voices. The traditions of choral music are still being preserved today.
In modern musicals of varying degrees of complexity, from uncomplicated miniatures to extended compositions (such as M. Iipolitov-Ivanov's cantatas). It is hoped that this publication will contribute to the expansion of the repertoire of educational institutions, professional and amateur choir ensembles, and will add to the understanding of the choral music of this period.
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