Гуммель Б.

Элегия: Для альта и фортепиано

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Согласно п. 1 ст. 25 закона «О защите прав потребителя», нельзя вернуть обратно в магазин книги, альбомы или нотные издания надлежащего качества.
With his 'Concerto classico' composed in 1999, Bertold Hummel enables violin pupils with only limited technical skills to play an entire little violin concerto. The second movement, Elegy, is now also available as a separate edition for viola and piano. The melody of the Finnish folk song forming the thematic foundation of the movement is melancholy and gentle: a short simple theme which is introduced and then varied several times. To master this piece, it is sufficient for the violist to command the first position, and the piano part is easy to play as well. An ideal piece for pupils, competitions and for music-making at home.
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ISMN: 979-0-001-18174-7
Издательство: SCHOTT MUSIC
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Формат: 60х90/8
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