History of the Violoncello

Согласно п. 1 ст. 25 закона «О защите прав потребителя», нельзя вернуть обратно в магазин книги, альбомы или нотные издания надлежащего качества.
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The book consists of essays on foreign cellists of the 19th–20th centuries, their performing and teaching activities, as well as works for cello created in the same period. The author considers the development of cello art in connection with the general development of musical culture, including Russian and Soviet. The book uses archival materials, Russian and foreign publications, personal impressions of the playing of many contemporary cellists, their letters and statements.

ISBN: 978-0876665978
Год издания: 2022
Издательский номер: 100120019
Издательство: М.: П. Юргенсон

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