comp. by D. Ukhov

Jazz Piano. Volume 4

Страница издания на русском языке

The publication contains the works of famous composers such as Telonius Monk and Errol Garner which represent the opposite tendencies in the art of performing jazz. Both Composers didn't establish their own school of performing as did O.Peterson or D.Brubeck for example, however they have gained a cult following and their style is often imitated by jazz performers. Composers who are presented in this publication have their own distinctive style which is noticeable in every Musical composition. T.Monk's music is
soft capricious, dispassionate, eccentric. Intellectualism is felt in the distinct strictness. Compositions of E. Garner have a great entertainment value and can be characterized as romantic jazz.

Catalogue Number: 15947
ISMN: 979-0-66006-437-5
Number of pages: 44
Year of publishing: 2019