Glinka, M.

Etudes. Version of Y. Kochurov. Arr. for cello and piano by B. Burlakov

Страница издания на русском языке

Six etudes for voice and piano, composed by M.Glinka in 1833 in Berlin, have survived only in sketches. The first etude, in all probability, is lost, while the extant pieces are numbered in the autograph by the composer's hand (Nos. 206). The autograph is retained in the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg (M.I. Glinka fund, unit N10).
Yuriy Kochurov (1907-1952) was the first Russian composer who displayed a keen interest in the sketches of Glinka's vocal etudes. He edited the music and restored the piano part, transforming the pieces into a finished cycle. His edition, published in 1952 by Muzgiz in Leningrad, was highly appreciated by professionals.
In this peresnt publication, Glinka's etudes are presented in the version for cello and piano by Boris Burlakov (1910-1967), Professor of Rimsky-Korsakov Consevatoire, Leningrad. The music is printed after the following edition: M.Glinka - Yu. Kochurov. Etudes for Voice and Piano. Arranged for Cello and Piano by B. Burlakov. Leningrad, Muzgiz, 1954.

Catalogue Number: 16791
Number of pages: 60
Year of publishing: 2008