Tchaikovsky, P.

6 Pieces, Op. 51

Страница издания на русском языке

Edited by Ya. MILSTEIN and К. SOROKIN
Published after: P. I. Tchaikovsky. Selected Works for Piano. Book 4. — Moscow, Muzgiz, 1949.

Editors' Preface
The present edition of Tchaikovsky's selected piano pieces is based on his Collected Works (Vols. 51a, 51b, 52 and 53). Since the composer often modified the music while preparing it for further publications, we have used also some other editions of Tchaikovsky's works, including those revised by Tchaikovsky for Jurgenson.
The author's marks related to tempo, dynamics, phrasing, fingering and pedal — in short, all the marks found in the original text — are printed in large characters. All the supplementary marks, both those from Jurgenson's new edition (most probably approved by Tchaikovsky himself) and those added by the present editors, are printed in small characters.
(from the preface to the first edition)
This piano cycle, composed in 1882 , includes such popular pieces as Natha-valse and Valse sentimentale.
For students of music colleges and conservatoires, professional performers, as well as for music lovers.

Catalogue Number: J0046
Number of pages: 52
Year of publishing: 2007