Scriabin, A.

Collected Works, Vol. 2: Symphony No. 2 in C Minor, Op.29

Страница издания на русском языке

Scientifically verified publication of all the completed compositions of this great Russian composer was implemented for the first time ever. Every volume is furnished with the detailed commentaries, bar-by-bar textual notes (in Russian and English) and the list of the sources and publications references (scientific editor - V.V.Rubtsova).
Vol. 2 - Symphony #2 c-minor, op.29. Text of the score is checked and corrected along the Skriabin's own (1901) sketches and the authorized copy of the lifetime score, issued by M.P.Beliaeff (1902); orchestra's parts and the transcription for four hands piano are included. The detailed history of the composition's creation is reconstructed.

Catalogue Number: J0133-MZ 17094
Number of pages: 224
Year of publishing: 2012