P. Tchaikovsky. Vocal Ensembles / Ed. by Vajdman P., Korabel'nikova L., Rubcova V.


Страница издания на русском языке

This electronic edition is a fragment of the Thematic and Bibliographical Catalogue of P.I. Tchaikovsky's Works, published by the P. Jurgenson Music Publishing House. The main purpose of the Catalogue is to present the most complete picture of the composer's legacy.
Every musical work is described according to the following scheme: order number; title; references to the volume(s) and pages of the edition of Complete Works (CW); performing forces; incipits (opening bars of entire works, their separate movements and sections); history; quotations and adaptations; documents; first performance; publications; letters; press; bibliography.
The present edition is intended for music scholars, performers, conductors, directors, opera theatres, symphony orchestras, philharmonic societies, and libraries, as well as for teachers, students of musical colleges and conservatories, and all those who are interested in the great Russian composer's work.

Catalogue Number: 146100001
Year of publishing: 2020