Dotsenko, V.

The history of music of Latin America in XVI-XX centuries (in russian)

Страница издания на русском языке

Music of Latin America - is a huge , but unexplored field of art . Meanwhile, the work of such composers as Brazilian Heitor Villa- Lobos, Cuban Amadeo Rolda'n and Alejandro Garci'a Caturla , Mexican Silvestre Revueltas and Carlos Cha'vez , Argentines , Alberto Hinanstera and Astor Piazzolla , shows that the musical culture of Latin America has reached a level of maturity where her creations are eligible to be enrolled among the values of universal significance .
This second edition is an attempt to create a holistic view of the popular musical culture of Latin America and the professional work of its composers , from the beginning of XVI century until the end of the twentieth century. In the field of attention - the most outstanding works of Latin American composers, as well as a number of works , most of which have never been the subject of study in the domestic musicology . V. Dotsenko work is based on extensive use of Latin American Musicological bibliographical sources , historical and philosophical nature , which allows to get acquainted with a number of original ideological, political and cultural concepts that reflect the uniqueness of perception of the world population of the region .
The book is addressed to both specialists and the general public .

Catalogue Number: 17007
Number of pages: 368
Year of publishing: 2010