Beethoven, L. van

Selected Bagatelles : for Piano / Compiled and edited Ьу Julia Zilberquit.

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The collection iпcludes selected bagatelles ofthe great Geпnan composer - vivid miniatures, popular both in concert and iп teachiпg practice. The new edition ofBeethoven's pieces is made Ьу the famous pianist and teacher Julia Zilberquit, based on autographs and the first editions ofthe bagatelles, takiпg iпto account the estaЫished tradition oftheir peгfoпnance in the 19th- 20th centuries.
For advanced students of children's music schools, students of music colleges and conseгvatories, concert peгfoпners, as well as а wide range ofmusic lovers.

Catalogue Number: 17726
ISMN: 979-0-66010-139-1
Number of pages: 24
Year of publishing: 2021