E-MUSICA mobile app

Electronic versions of sheet music, books and other publications from the Muzyka — P. Jurgenson publishing house are presented in the mobile app E-MUSICA (MP — App).

It was conceived and created as an essential multifunctional device for:

– children learning music (particularly during home tuition);

– parents assisting their children, and for themselves, if they want to join in;

– professional musicians, primarily musicians-teachers;

– music students at all levels;

– music lovers.

The App offers two versions — English and Russian. After installing this App the user can easily switch from the English to Russian interface, and back again.

The catalog (content) of the App’s English interface, which will be constantly updated, currently contains more than 500 titles of instrumental, vocal and orchestral music and other publications, namely:

– anthologies of Russian vocal and instrumental music;

– publications in the urtext and facsimile format;

– works of world music classics edited by famous Russian musicians;

– thematic and bibliographic index of all Tchaikovsky's works (an analogue of the Köchel Mozart catalog) — a unique reference publication dedicated to the work of the great Russian composer;

– essays, interviews and creative portraits of world-famous musicians, including those created for the American encyclopedia of string performance ‘The Way They Play’;

– original compositions of classical and contemporary music, and arrangements for different instruments.

The App is available on iOS and Android devices.

After opening the App, the user enters a catalog with standard navigation tools: sections, sorting, search.

The App offers the following functions:

– page turner;

– navigation in the form of content, bookmarks, notes, cross-references;

– some editions have audio files, accessed by clicking on the ‘play’ icon;

– detailed information about the app is posted on the website www.e-musica.ru.



Dr Graham Griffiths, Professor of Musicology at the University of London:

The E-MUSICA App is quite something! It is a source of limitless fascination and usefulness. There are many elements which I have never seen before offered in this way. Many resources go beyond, way beyond the conventional. For example, reflecting the Russian affinity with its great poets, the verses and poetry corners are most imaginative. Also, the related and very relevant materials of cross-disciplinary culture. As an educationalist I am particularly impressed with the applications to aid score reading and the musical dictionary. The ability to access Beethoven’s letters and to follow Tchaikovsky’s facsimiles of his Seasons are touches of magic presenting musicology in a novel and exciting light (something which interests me greatly) and will surely ignite the imagination of all those who access this marvellous musical world of experiences.

Maestro Valery Gergiev, conductor:

Today young people often play music on tablets, it is very convenient for them. And I would like the younger generation to discover as early as possible the miracle that is Russian culture: operas, ballets and symphonies. E-MUSICA also provides these opportunities. The MP also gives an opportunity to access the unique archive of Muzyka, the oldest Russian publishing house, to create your very own electronic library.

Maestro Mikhail PLETNEV, pianist and conductor:

I have already started using the E-MUSICA mobile app. Brilliant! Thank you 1000 times!