Dr. Mark Zilberquit, Director General of Muzyka Publishers: “Discover our App E-MUSICA”

Dr. Mark Zilberquit,  Director General of  Muzyka Publishers: “Discover our App E-MUSICA”

Dear musicians, friends,colleagues and all music lovers,


One of the oldest Russian publishing houses, Muzyka (Musica), is proud to announce that an improved, more perfect version of the App E-MUSICA has been issued after three years of work. No doubt, it will become an indispensable aid for music teachers and their pupils of any age – from beginners to music college and conservatoire students.

You can download from the App to your tablet or smartphone:

• sheet music of any kind (works by classical and contemporary composers);
• anthologies of Russian piano, violin, cello and vocal music;
• books on music (including those for children);
• teaching manuals;
• such best-sellers of piano literature as Nikolayev’s School of Piano Playing;
• electronic educational resources (interactive manuals) created in the Muzyka Publishers and widely used in schools by music theory teachers; now, thanks the App, they can be used also at home;
• interviews with outstanding performers and teachers from The Way They Play – a well-known American encyclopedia of the art of playing string instruments, published in the early 1970s and addressed to professional musicians and students.

The content of the App is constantly updated.

Our App works with the operational systems iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) in Russian and English versions.

I would highly appreciate your opinions on our App, your recommendations concerning its content, and your willingness to share the information on the App with your colleagues.

Instructions for users:

• open App Store or Google Play (depending on the operational system);
• type: E-MUSICA;
• download and open the App;
• find the edition you are looking for in the catalogue, buy and use it. Enjoy!